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Nathan Sussex

June 06, 2021 Lee Salisbury Season 2 Episode 32
Soap From The Box
Nathan Sussex
Show Notes

The last double header of Series 2 is wrapped up by Nathan Sussex who played Buster Smith in Hollyoaks.

As well as his wonderful work in soap, Nathan tells all about his part on the hit show It’s A Sin including his first day on set, working with Olly Alexander and filming New York street scenes in Manchester and Liverpool.  

Nathan talks in depth about his time on Hollyoaks, including only being told the grooming storyline at the table read, not focusing on the public reaction, and the importance of making families aware of a difficult topic.  

If this issue affects you, you can find information and support here:

The chat also covers Soap Awards, applying to be a Footman to The Queen and his radio show with “Dame Vorders” Carol Vorderman.  

You can find Nathan on Instagram @natsus1 and Twitter @natsus
Lee Salisbury directed Continuing Drama for over 10 years.  Notable episodes including the Cot Death in Emmerdale and Barbara Windsor’s leaving episodes for Eastenders.  He s now a Series Producer… and of course a Podcaster!

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