Soap From The Box

Charlotte Chimes

May 30, 2021 Lee Salisbury Season 2 Episode 29
Soap From The Box
Charlotte Chimes
Show Notes

We’re back Down Under as Neighbours star Charlotte Chimes, who plays Nicolette Stone, joins Lee for a Soap From The Box chat. 

Charlotte tells Lee about her time as a TV Producer, her nerves before starting on Neighbours and how strange it is to be recognised.

Charlotte talks in depth about her character’s surrogacy storyline, and if the issues explored affect you, you find out more information here:

Charlotte also gives Lee the lowdown on her hilarious Lala In Lockdown online videos and you can check those out here:

You can also find Charlotte’s videos on her Instagram @charlotte_chimes
Lee Salisbury directed Continuing Drama for over 10 years.  Notable episodes including the Cot Death in Emmerdale and Barbara Windsor’s leaving episodes for Eastenders.  He s now a Series Producer… and of course a Podcaster!

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