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Zima Anderson

May 02, 2021 Lee Salisbury Season 2 Episode 20
Soap From The Box
Zima Anderson
Show Notes

Neighbours, everybody needs good… you know the rest!  

Zima Anderson aka Roxy Willis from Neighbours joins Soap From The Box this week.

Zima chats to Lee about how she always wanted to be on Neighbours, how gymnastics helps her wellbeing, what she does in between takes while filming and how Lee should really be called Meadow Salisbury! 

You can find Zima on social here:
Instagram @justzima 
Twitter @AndersonZima
Tik Tok @zimaanderson

Lee Salisbury directed Continuing Drama for over 10 years.  Notable episodes including the Cot Death in Emmerdale and Barbara Windsor’s leaving episodes for Eastenders.  He s now a Series Producer… and of course a Podcaster!

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Thanks to Iain McCallum for his press help.

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