Soap From The Box

Deena Payne

April 11, 2021 Lee Salisbury Season 2 Episode 15
Soap From The Box
Deena Payne
Show Notes

Part 2 of this week’s Soap From The Box double bill features Deena Payne who played Viv Hope in Emmerdale for 18 years. 

Lee and Deena chat about her using a cockney accent in her Emmerdale audition, chemistry with her onscreen husband Bob, her early days in girl-band Cats UK and recent work on Calendar Girls, plus meeting the Queen - twice!

There’s also surprise messages from some very special friends and Deena talks about her work as a Naturopath, giving advice on healthy habits and diet.


Lee Salisbury directed Continuing Drama for over 10 years.  Notable episodes including the Cot Death in Emmerdale and Barbara Windsor’s leaving episodes for Eastenders.  He s now a Series Producer… and of course a Podcaster!

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