Soap From The Box

Lucinda Cowden and Geoff Paine

March 28, 2021 Lee Salisbury Season 2 Episode 11
Soap From The Box
Lucinda Cowden and Geoff Paine
Show Notes

Soap From The Box has gone international!  

As well as bringing you all the gossip from the UK’s biggest soaps, Series 2 now brings you stars of Neighbours and Home & Away.

This week Lee chats to Lucinda Cowden and Geoff Paine who play Melanie Pearson & Clive Gibbons in Neighbours.

Lee has always been a massive Neighbours fan, and this chat covers the real residents of Ramsey Street, being part of the show in the 80s and their amazing return, plus the origins of THAT laugh.  

Find Lucinda and Geoff on social here:
Instagram: @lucindacowden 
Twitter: @CowdenLucinda @geoffpaine


Lee Salisbury directed Continuing Drama for over 10 years.  Notable episodes including the Cot Death in Emmerdale and Barbara Windsor’s leaving episodes for Eastenders.  He s now a Series Producer… and of course a Podcaster!

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